Happy Mother’s Day

My Mom is a rockstar Mom. I would guess yours might be for you as well. I am grateful God knew how to divvy up the moms for all of us to be blessed by one. Your Mom may be your birth Mom, your adopted Mom, or maybe a stand-in Mom. I would love to hear the stories of the woman you look up to.

I have always appreciated my friend’s description of Mother’s day for those of us who have never birthed children.

“As women, we are all birthing things with our lives every day, relationally, spiritually, physically. We hope today you will bless your own journey and the ways you have birthed things thus far.”

Sometimes mother’s day is a day in my heart for those who have birthed, nurtured, and raised their children. I admire you all with my whole being. On the days I soak for an hour in the tub, sleep till 10 am, or decide to spontaneously create a weekend getaway, I realize that is freedom you sacrifice for many years.

I have grown up in a family who celebrate my contribution to the raising of their children, and I am grateful for their love and affirmation of my role as an aunt. On Mother’s day, I always smile when they also include me in their happy mother’s day celebrations.

But tonight, I want to honor a few special moms I hold close to my heart this year!

Hermie/Grandma B has been around our dinner table for 30+ years. Hermie has been a part of our family circle for many years. We met as neighbors on Elliott in the early ’70s. My nieces and nephews have inquired over the years just how is Grandma B related to us? Hermie has loved 4 children and released 4 children back to God’s loving care. Her story has been marked by grief and loss, but not only grief and loss. Her story is also marked by great love, laughter, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I will always admire Hermie, and this morning I called her to say Happy Mother’s Day Hermie. You have mothered well, and that is important to remember today!

Another person I always hold close to my heart on Mother’s Day is my cousin Tica. Her Mom, my Aunt Simmie, died way too young, at 48 years old. She posted this today:

My mama has been gone for many years, but as time passes, I feel closer to her still. Perspective is a funny thing. I wrote this because I need to hear her say words to me.
Happy Motherโ€™s Day yโ€™all, I know, for sure, love lives on in those who remember. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฅ‚

And I can’t help but celebrate the mamas who mother my nieces and nephews. It is quite a change when your siblings become parents. My heart has grown in unexplainable ways, and I marvel at each of you for all the love you have poured into an amazing group of people.

Arlene, your love for Janneke and Matt, Ellis and Frankie, Henry, Anne, Karolyn, and Ellie is so much fun to watch. Happy Mothers Day!May be an image of 5 people, including Arlene Borgdorff DeKam

May be an image of 9 people, including Matt Cole, Karolyn Dekam, Dan DeKam, Ellie DeKam and Arlene Borgdorff DeKam, baby, people standing and outdoors

Jonna, your love and dedication to Andrew and Ryan has been inspiring. You have invested your whole self: heart, time, energy, and resources. Happy Mothers Day!

May be an image of 3 people, including Ryan Borgdorff and people smiling

Marcia, you do good work. Len said it often, and we see it continue. Your kids have grown up to be beautiful and amazing adult people. Olivia, Noah and Lauren, Sonta, and Jean-Marc are living examples of your strength and commitment to move through difficult days, trusting God with every step! You continue to grow yourself in creative ways, and we are so proud of you! Happy Mother’s Day!



Suzi, our lives would never be complete without you and yours. You navigate a busy household with ease and grace. You are a great mom! Peter, Isaiah, and Johanna are living examples of your commitment to pouring your heart and soul into the children God has entrusted to you! Happy Mother’s Day!

And last but never least is my own mom. She has become someone I enjoy every day. She names truth, lives with compassion, is honest and clear, and has demonstrated how to move on after even the hardest of days. Losing her oldest son and husband has forever shaped her, but she remains a woman full of love and gratitude for all God provides in both her heartache and joy. She enjoys being. busy and serving others, being with family and continues to volunteer within her church and community. I love you, Mom and you were the first Mom I thought of this morning! Your legacy is carried by many! So it may be the end of Mother’s Day, but my love for these and many others continues. May, our kindness, love, and affirmation of the women we celebrate carry them through all year long!



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