Turn Signl: Our mission is to ensure that everyone gets home unharmed.

Do you ever have those moments when you meet a new friend and the roots feel deep very early on? In 2010 I met O’Neil, Sarah, and Sunshine Hampton. We spent a week together, and I consider them some of the dearest people.

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One thing I have come to appreciate so much about them is their love for other people. They truly want their best and do what they can to bring about that goodness. They are kind, honest, generous, committed, and Godly!

Today, when I read about what their son Jazz is doing, I knew I wanted to share it with all of you. Today, I have been thinking about how Jazz took a deep concern, changed his life, and committed his time, energy, and resources to bring about a solution. We need to focus on people like Jazz more often. We can all be outraged at a problem, but hope comes when we zero in and look at how we can contribute to actual change.

What is Jazz doing, you may be asking yourself! Let me share it with you!

This app is launching in Minnesota to begin, but we can all hope and pray that Turn Signl will make its way to all of our cities. It is intended to bridge the gap that seems to grow as time goes by and has deadly consequences.

Thank you, Jazz, for your vision, passion, and hard work. Your commitment to make this world a safer place for all and get everyone home safely has my support, respect, and gratitude!

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