Will you share some goodness this week?

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. 

Words of affirmation are any spoken or written words that confirm support, uplift, and positively empathize with others.

I know that words of affirmation are known as a love language. I do believe in the power of love languages. I also think we have to acknowledge that words of affirmation and appreciation are imperative to all people, no matter what your love language is. 

This blog tonight carries a simple message and invitation:

Name 2 to 5 people each week that you will intentionally speak words of affirmation or appreciation. They might be people close to you or maybe someone who crosses your path regularly. (mailman, janitor, neighbor) I have been resistant to my heart’s desire to thank the DTE guys working on our street for the last many weeks. I think I will stop and thank them this week for their hard work. You might choose to speak words, send a card, make a meal or be creative in some other way. If you were intentional each day with appreciating one person, you would encourage 30 to 31 people a month. 

Be aware of how you feel in the sharing and how the recipient is at receiving. Often when we attempt to affirm someone, they dismiss or downplay the gift you are offering them. Stand with gentle persistence and say, I want you to hear my words of appreciation for you. Are you a good receiver of affirming words? Are you able to say “Thank you” and allow the gift offered to rest in your being?

Challenge yourself to appreciate or affirm someone you find more challenging to spend time with. Consider people from your past who have impacted your life in ways they may not be aware of.

I know there are many significant hardships in our daily lives right now. Words of affirmation and appreciation will not resolve all of them. Still, perhaps you can bring some hope and confidence in merely being intentional and generous with your words this week.

Here is a little cheat sheet chart if you need some words to spice up your affirmations!

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