The gift of memories…

Today I was setting up my new MAC computer. One of the things I have committed to is storing our family photos so that whenever we are creating something to celebrate or remember, they are organized and accessible.

It is a bit overwhelming that there are 27,297 photos and 634 videos. But I find that sorting, deleting, editing, and sharing is such a joy that I am filled with gratitude to have that many photos when I realize that means so many good and sweet moments.

Tonight I was going to sort videos, and the two I came started with were random and touched such a tender place in my heart. The first video flooded my memory with the joy of being together with my family at Thanksgiving in years past.

A body memory goes with this video: the people, the faces, the music, the place. I am so glad to have had my phone, to have recorded the moment, to have held this memory and all it represents.

The second is from my aunt’s funeral. Again, the people, the music, the feelings, the place, the reminder that in all that is unfolding, at any moment, I can sing Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow.  I am reminded of God’s presence.

I wonder what video’s or pictures you have that hold positive body memories for you. Where would you find a picture or video that would cause you to stop and lose yourself for a moment? What would you name the feelings to be? What do you remember about the people you were with, their voices, the warmth…

Tonight I am grateful for my family, music, memories, and faith. I wonder what you are grateful for today?

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