Did i really just do that?

I just placed an Amazon order for stimulating dog toys. I wan’t going to blog about this, but I can’t quite believe i just did that. The descriptions talk about your dogs IQ and the people say the results are amazing.

Now I thought my first lab Dutchess was amazing and pretty smart, but we stuck to peanut butter Kong’s and lots of fetch. I am really working to keep Willa in her healthy weight range, so I am learning that it would be beneficial to find dog toys that use her daily food allowance or toys that are not food focused.

Willa has learned to love frozen carrots in this teething stage she is in. She also is pretty interested in new toys, but can she do puzzles (as in dog puzzles)? Only time will tell!

I don’t really need or want to get into how smart my pup is. She is delightful and agile and clumsy and annoying and brilliant and dumb all in a day’s work. She brings me joy, makes me laugh, is good company and snuggles, what more could I ask for.

Willa is all puppy, and a well behaved one at that, but I would like to see if these kinds of toys can capture her attention. I am excited to see if they occupy her and challenge her or if she will sniff them and walk away.

And so come Friday, Wilhelmina Hope will have new toys to unpack. Toys that will occupy her, develop her, and challenge her. I hope they are long-lasting and delightful. But I will say that I stopped looking on Amazon when I got to the dog Pajamas. Somehow that just seemed like it might be going a little to far!

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