In the midst of chaos…

Today was a day I felt the impact of the chaos infringing on my soul. The last month feels like it was just getting us ready for what is still to come. I am learning of confirmed cases in my community.

I feel like I watched from the balcony of the arena as I followed China and Italy and Spain. Then it came to Washington and New York and my seat felt closer, maybe the middle of the arena. Now I am moving to the box seats and I feel the anticipation and the dread of not having any idea what I am about to engage in.

But I have these seats and I believe that God has prepared me for this space. I must choose how I will enter this chaos and what I will bring. I don’t believe it is a space for critics and cynics and words of harsh judgement. It is no longer about politics and governors and presidents.

Yes, all of that has played a part, but in the midst of chaos and crisis, what will you bring to your village? How will you encourage those around you? How will you bring calm to an anxious soul? How will your values, convictions and faith show up in the midst of all that surrounds us.

Yes, I long for health and well being, protection and a quick end to COVID-19. But let’s not hide in our home’s and watch the warriors go to battle. How can you support, encourage, appreciate, uplift those who are at war. The longer this goes, the lonelier it gets to be on the front lines.

Please my friends, be creative in the ways you offer hope! Send a card, make a meal, serenade someone, provide childcare, pick flowers, I posted this on my Facebook tonight and invite any of you to participate.

Do you have some time on your hands?

Would you be willing to encourage someone?

If you would like to write a note to a caregiver or a client, we would love to offer your words as a bright spot in their day. Many clients have not seen their families. Many caregivers face each day knowing there are new positive COVID-19 cases in the building in which they serve.

Please write your words in a card and
address to either Client or Caregiver
1923 Sylvan Ave., Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Write as many as you like as often as you’re able!
Now is the time my friends to bring light to the difficult spaces.

Share and invite everyone to join in.

We have front row seats whether we want them or not. Live present to what is unfolding, feel your full range of emotion, let the tears flow and feel the joy when community comes together. Pray, find your courage and show up!

We all need one another!

It Takes A Village — Plum Creek Church

Blessed Be His Name!


Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

One thought on “In the midst of chaos…”

  1. Thanks Trish for words of wisdom and comfort! Love your gift of writing❤️ Think and praying for you daily! Hugs




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