You’ve got a friend in me…

Q“I need a little help from my peeps” were the words that came from the third seat of the van on our ride home today from Wisconsin. Johanna had been charged with finding the Q in the alphabet game, and it didn’t take long for her to employ the help of the others in the van.

It was a sweet reminder to me that those good words extend an invitation for others to join in. Perhaps finding a Q in the alphabet game versus asking for help in life are requests of different caliber, but the reminder remains the same to me. How clear are you and I when we long for others to come alongside us and offer us some aid?

As they were searching for the Q and I was driving in Chicago traffic, I remembered this clip from YouTube by Claire and her Dad.

I want to be a person who demonstrates to others that “you have a friend in me.” I want to be a person who has a village of people who say back to me, “you have a friend in me”, so if I am asking for people to help me find a Q or needing support in a valley of life, I know that when I call out for a little help from my peeps, I will experience the goodness that true friends bring.

I encourage you to practice saying I need a little help and inviting others into your life who can offer you a hand. Ask clearly, receive graciously and celebrate God’s provision through those who support you when you stand in need of a little help from your peeps!


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