My Dad….

Today is my Dad’s 77th birthday.IMG_0062

I find myself full of gratitude today.

Grateful for his health and ability to be actively involved in my life.

Grateful for his leadership and his willingness to share all he has experienced with me. I have a greater level of
confidence in the spaces I lead because I  know I can seek his input and guidance.

Grateful for his wisdom and how he speaks with truth and conviction and grace.

Grateful for how he has modeled to us that the world is a place to explore, travel is an opportunity and people of all colors, faith and experiences will enrich our lives if we take the time to know them. I so enjoy watching his facebook comments grow with wishes truly from all over the world.

banketmakingThere is so much to be grateful for!  I love the memories we create through annual winter travels, summer golf games, banket making, cottage renting, and living together and sharing life as a growing family of 20+.

It is sheer joy for me to watch their grandchildren papaandthekidsappreciate, admire and interact with him as they are growing into influential young adults. I am delighted that both of my parents are blessed with good health and able to watch how their lives and their stories continue to shape the decisions of future generations.

I could write a book about my Dad. I believe his life would teach you about calling, conviction, leadership, action, laughter, honesty,  family, work ethic, commitment, and grace.

I love you Dad and hope this year will be another year of embracing God’s goodness and provision in so many ways.



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