Comfort and Joy

I wrote the following Facebook post on Sunday December 20….

As we comfortandjoymove into this week, I am aware that Wednesday marks the 3rd anniversary of my brothers car accident and death. Comfort and Joy are very real in so many ways. Feeling the loss and the sorrow and aware of the life that surrounds me and the Joy that fills my heart. Today I am aware of comfort and joy.

This morning, we learned that one year old Grace from my church is in surgery receiving a lung transplant. We prayed this morning, full of Joy, for the chance of life for Grace and for we prayed for the deep comfort for the donors family who said good bye to their child.

I wonder where you are feeling comfort and joy this holiday season. I stand with you in this sometimes conflicting space, believing that my heart (and yours) can hold both the feelings of Comfort and Joy.

If your heart is grieving and finds it difficult to find Joy, I encourage you to find the small spaces where Joy may be trying to find it’s way in. If your world is full of Joy right now, I invite you consider how you can move tenderly and sensitively into the world of someone who is struggling.

I believe that the holidays are some of the most difficult wonderful days around. I believe in the power of community every day, but I hope and pray that during this holiday season, we will live generous in our actions, attitudes and spirit towards one another. Go and live true to all your heart holds my friends. Blessings to each and everyone!

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  1. You pulled the words right out of my heart! It’s a mix- as we all are. May you be comforted this season, As I need to be. But God is good and seems to come to the rescue when you need Him most. I had wondered what would be a good way to spend Christmas Day, we had a lovely family gathering on Sunday, so we saw everyone, but now Friday. I had a couple of invitations, but did n’t know if that was the right thing to do- and last night I had a call from one of our deacons: Margaret, what can we do for our Haitian family? (Dad and the daughter have been here for three years, but Mom and three sons were only allowed to come two weeks ago). So there was the answer. Got together with Jim and MJ, the deacon and his family, six Haitians and a couple of single girsl and it’s done. Dinner on Christmas day at Jim and MJ and I am sure we’ll have a lovely time. God to the rescue with His nudging:This is what I had planned for you to do.” Nothing else matters then, because it falls into place. I understand you got all your baking done last week already? Good for you! Will be thinking of all of you, especially tomorrow and will also be glad for you all when the new year starts. Also for me. Love you lots!

    Aunt Marg.

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