I love you…

jean marc at weddingI have so enjoyed having Jean Marc spend time with me this summer…

His smile, his honesty, his hugs, his sweetness, his willingness to tell stories about his Daddy….

I love every bit of him….

We did a lot of running around and it is fairly common for my phone to ring while driving. I have a blue tooth sync system and so the kids can listen in on the conversations. After each conversation with a family member, Jean Marc would say, Aunt Trish, it happened again, you didn’t say I love you….

Now I grew up in a home where we did not often speak the words and yet as adults we have practiced and gotten more comfortable with speaking our love to one another. But I must say, it is not an everyday phrase that I put to practice…

I asked Jean Marc if I had to say it for it to be true? Could it be that I love them even if I don’t say it each time?

His words caught my heart and silenced my soul…

He said, Aunt Trish, we say it every time in my family. I am glad we do cause it is the last words my Dad heard me say!

And with that honest and meaningful answer, I want my love to flow freely and generously in words of I love you and big hugs.

I hope I never encounter a call again where life is forever changed through a sudden loss of a family member, but if it does, I hope I can say the same, I love you were some of the last words they heard me say!

I invite you to be generous with your words of love and your display of affection towards those you love. Even if it isn’t very common in your family, it never hurts to start now and just tell them that Trish said it is really important. I wish I could say it one more time to my sweet brother (Jean Marc’s Dad). But I will take it as a lesson learned and carry what Len taught his family forward. I love you are words worth speaking often!


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