Double Digits…

I couldn’t tell you many specifics about my life ten years ago….

Well, sure I could tell you general things but nothing specific, well nothing except this one thing…

I can tell you where I was, in what Meijer aisle, what way I was facing and all the feelings that flooded my soul when Peter Henry arrived…

It was by no means new to me to celebrate the arrival of a new nephew, but it was new to have my sister living close by. The anticipation of meeting him and holding him within hours of his birth were moments of sheer wonder…

PH w Trish

I have so enjoyed watching this boy grow and change. To be a part of his every day life and to hear of his good days and difficult times. To know this amazing kid in the way that I do makes me nothing but so very grateful and extremely blessed.

Peter has always had a heart of compassion and concern for others. He is aware of people in need and desires to impact his world….peter pitching

Peter has always been a baseball fan. He has gone from bring a number one fan of the Tigers to being a very accomplished young athlete himself….

Peter has a good perspective on life. He is a deep thinker and is often thinking….

He has a great laugh and a genuine ability to be with others, without making it about himself….trish finals people53

He is looked up to by his siblings and enjoyed by his older cousins..,.

Peter is used to being with adult company and is a great conversationalist…

Peter is a boy who will do great things with his good mind, compassionate and tender heart and his growing faith….

peter double digitsI love you Peter Henry Bos and can’t wait to see what the next ten years holds. I am praying I will be able to enjoy the good days with you, share in the struggles and delight in all God holds for your life.

I love you tons and tons, for ever and ever, and that will never change!

Love Aunt Trish


















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