Keeping watch….

Tonight I am smiling as I think about how my sweet dog Dutch keeps watch over my house at night…

Most often Dutch sleeps at my feet on my bed every night. But if I have overnight guests, Dutch positions herself to keep watch on all sleeping guests.

If I have guests in the guest room she lays by the front door so she can see the door way to the guest room and the stairs that lead upstairs….

Tonight I have children occupying the basement bedroom and so she is positioned in the mud room so she can see the stairs leading down and the stairs leading up…

And no matter how hard I try, with treats or a ball, she won’t leave her spot to come upstairs with me.

And so I will sleep well knowing she will be available to lead my nephews to me if they come upstairs….

I know she is just a dog, but in so many ways, she is brilliant!

Author: trishborgdorff

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