Victim no more…

I find such incredible truth and wisdom in this thought….

I remember in my 20’s when I believed most everything I experienced was the fault of someone else or at least a result of experiences I could not control. I found comfort in being powerless….

I also can vividly remember that when I felt (feel) powerless, peace and joy seem evasive…

And then I learned about all I held in my heart and began to recognize and embrace how my thoughts, beliefs, actions, attitudes, words, non-verbal communication, and so much more communicated the beliefs of my heart and had a direct impact on the outcomes I was experiencing every day…..

When I began to consider all of that and fully entrust my whole being to a God who invited me into a personal relationship with Him, I marveled at my new reality of peace and joy….but not without struggle. I still have to remind myself what is true and that although my heart can be disappointed, hurt or angry, what I do (or believe) with those feelings is what is critical….

I am happy to declare victim no more….

I want my heart to bubble up peace and joy and invite your heart to find the same way of living!