The miracle of nail growth….

A few weeks ago I cashed in on a Christmas gift card from my Dad and got a manicure with Shellac polish…

I must say that as much as I love nail polish that doesn’t chip, I am equally awed by the miracle of nail growth that is evident when I have my nails polished…

I did a little reasearch and read the following:

Fingernails are composed of protein fibers called keratin which is the same protein hair is made of. Growth occurs from the moon shaped area seen at the base of the nail which is sometimes known as the growth plate. As the nail grows, cells from the matrix multiply, mature, and die. Upon death, they become filled with this protein matrix which gives the nail its tough, hard exterior.

I must say that information does not change the miracle of nail growth. It reminds me that my body has many functions that happen every day, day in and day out.

I hope I will never lose the amazing miracles that occur in me and around me every day.

But just for the record, I don’t plan to grow my nails in this fashion. She has not cut them for 22 years and pays 500 every time she enter the salon. I am not sure that is amazing or crazy, but regardless, I am thankful for nail growth and nail clippers! 🙂

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