I was talking with a friend tonight about one of my goals for 2012. I find that I am often adjusting my awake time to allow for just enough time to get out the door. Although that may have worked in the past, I am not really liking that anymore. I am finding tha I would like more time. Time to enjoy the morning, time to eat breakfast, time to take Dutch for a walk, time to just be….

I believe that if I can define and keep a morning routine, it will likely affect my whole day. But of course, as I think about a morning routine, it requires an evening routine as well. Getting to bed on time is critical…and then of course I have learned that I sleep better if I allow myself at least 30 minutes of down time before I lie down to sleep.

It doesn’t take me long to see that I am embracing the invitation to have more routine than I currently do. I want to remain spontaneous and free-spirited, but have the boundaries in place that keep me reigned in most of the time!

How about you….is there a place in your day where routine would serve you well! I invite you to explore this with me? I am thinking it will be one of those growth producing experiences!

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