Jack be nimble, Jack be quick…

So, this is the nursery rhyme that went through my memory as I was trying to quickly leave my window seat on the plane where there was not enough room for my oversized back pack carry on and my shrinking, but by no means small legs. And then again as we hustled through the Minneapolis airport, choosing to climb the stairs instead of using the escalators….

We have had a fun and uneventful first leg of our journey. Soon we will board and head to Harpendon England, to be greeted at the train by Janneke Ruth.

Arlene sent a text saying she is praying for us and to hug her girl tight. Hug her we will and delight in the stories she has to share of her experiences since September. We will hardly be there long enough to adjust to the time change but we hope to live fully each day and rest deeply each night. We will come home changed by yet another experience and invitation to live life fully.

I hope to have good internet connection in order to continue with my commitment to blog every day in 2011. But if I can not post, I will write and post when I am able.

Hoping you find adventure whether traveling or living life right at home….

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