Special Occasions….

As we wrap up a holiday weekend and move into December, I find myself starting to anticipate all the upcoming special occasions.

As I prepare for  special occasions, I enter in with an anticipation for something sweet. I hope for a good conversation or a memory of a funny exchange or good laugh. I look forward to a moment that I capture in a picture or a scene embedded in my memory that will always remind me of an enjoyable or glorious moment. Special occasions with my friends and family often also include thankfulness to God for His blessings and is often shared in prayer, song or sweet fellowship! I often go home with a sense of being tired because I have deeply enjoyed….

Then today, as I was picking up the countdown till Christmas ornament at Hallmark, I saw this slogan….

And with this wonderful Hallmark slogan, may I enter into every day with the hopes and anticipations that I carry into a special occasion….

How rich life will be if I really embrace that


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