Am I a Scrooge….

It is November 8, 2011 and I heard Christmas music today on the radio. Not just once, but four times. And I must admit, that each time, I changed the station. Each time I turned it back, I hoped it was just a one time occurence, but after four times, I realized that Christmas music has made an early arrival in my home town.

Now, I enjoy Christmas and I even love the music that goes with the holiday season. I enjoy the fun holiday songs such as Frosty and Rudolph and my favorite still is Grandma got run over by a reindeer. And I enjoy the Christmas music that reminds me how my faith is shaped by the birth of Christ. My crown of thorns amidst my nativity scene reminds me that Christmas begins the celebration of the cradle and the cross.

And so, why do I feel so resistant to the music of the holiday season?

Perhaps it is because I am still marveling at the change of seasons as I watch the leaves change and fall…

Perhaps it is because I want to delight in all I am blessed with during this Thanksgiving season…

Perhaps it is because I have committed to living my life in the moment, as best as I am able. I know the moments of celebration and delight are coming. The moments of the Christmas season. But I must say, it seems as if these days hold other opportunities for me to experience and I don’t want to be distracted by looking too far ahead….

So, am I a Scrooge? I hope not….but even if someone thinks I am, I think I will anticipate the holidays and live fully in this moment…



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