all about perspective….

There are a few pictures and experiences this week that have shaped my perspective as I continue to journey to wellness.

Sometimes I wish the pounds would come off faster, much faster! My weekly goals have been big and are setting me up for weekly disappointment. I need to be focused on the beauty of one pound. This picture is such a good visual reminder that one pound is really worth celebrating!

And then today I celebrated that my new smallest friend Shiloh hit two pounds. Shiloh was born weighing one pound 11 oz on October 17, 2011. She is gaining by the ounces and I am celebrating that every ounce leads to a pound eventually! I marvel and celebrate at the miracle of this little life. As I celebrate and delight in every ounce that dear Shiloh gains, I will also marvel at every ounce I am losing….I think I will start to think, one ounce at a time!


And lastly, last night I took 3 of my favorite kids to see The Smurfs. Sweet Isaiah had fallen asleep on the way home, so I carried him from the car and up the stairs. He is about 50 pounds and I realized that last year at this time, I had that much extra weight on this 41-year-old body. I loved carrying Isaiah and remembering how far I have come.

And in the next six months, I hope to find an 100 pound child to carry around…..just to marvel at how much I used to carry every day!


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