Two country girls….

who are stuck in the city!

I have realized this more and more about Anneliese and Ellie. They are two girls who love to be on a horse. As I have watched their love and passion grow and develop, I realize that some girls are just born country girls! I used to believe that you had to grow up on a farm to love the farm. I see that much different today.

I spent the day at the Fair and was struck by a few things…

Kids are very proud to share with anyone and everyone something they are proud of. I talked to kids who have been raising animals for the last year. They were knowledgeable and passionate about the information they had.

I did not notice anyone sitting in the bleachers or standing in the barn texting or on the phone. There was lots of relating, conversation and activity that was delightful to watch.

There is a sense of pride in the kids as they dress up to show their animals. There is an invitation to be your best and confidently share that with others.

Families hang out at the fair. There are parents and children hanging out and working together.

It was an encouraging day and my heart grew in my love and understanding of my favorite two country girls who are stuck living in the city! And special thanks to Richard and Betty who took time in their travels to visit two Muskegon city girls who wish they lived in Texas with Richard and Betty!



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