High expectation ~ High reward….

Today I spoke to a few applicants on the phone. I like to tell them a bit about Visiting Angels when they call, to ensure it is worth their time and ours if they do choose to apply.

When explaining the work we do, I often say we are an employer with high expectations but you will receive high rewards. I also qualify that these rewards are not of a monetary type. As a matter of fact, the job likely pays on the lower side of what else is out there. But, then we go on to discuss how when you are invited into someone’s home and you offer to assist them in places of daily need or companionship….most often, a very special relationship develops. 

I explain that the high expectation includes working odd hours at times, always being punctual, learning how to navigate someone else’s family dynamics without offering every thought you are sure they need to hear, working two weekend’s a month, receiving calls about new clients needing care and sometimes need to start same day or next day….

I am very privileged to hear both the caregivers share about their clients and the clients share about their caregivers.

I am humbled by what caregivers are willing to give up to ensure their clients receive excellent care…

I am honored that our clients entrust themselves, even when feeling anxious and uncertain, with their needs and extend the invitation to come into their home…

And I thank God every day for the amazing relationships that have unfolded as wonderful caregivers with willing hearts responded to the invitation to work in a place of high expectation. And I celebrate every day the beauty that shines forth when we are able to catch a glimpse of the high rewards of entering in….


I wonder if you can identify a high expectation ~ high reward space in your day-to-day. There may be a space you can invite someone into some higher expectations. Be honest about that and cast a vision for what the high reward might include. I find it a very rewarding conversation and experience to be a part of!


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