Slow down summer….

Yesterday was the first day of summer….and today we mailed out August paperwork for our caregivers.

I find myself a bit edgy as I realize how quickly the summer goes. I so love the weather we have been having, even thought it has been very unpredictable. I want to enjoy every day of summer and not lose the delight of the next two months in the question of where time has gone.

And so tonight, even though we did just mail August paperwork and even though it feels like months fly by, I am going to enjoy June 23 and all it offers me. And June 24 and June 25 (janneke’s 18th birthday) and June 26 (celebration of Father’s Day at my house)….and each and every day after that….

I invite you to enjoy the moment with me….put away the computer or the phone and give whomever you are speaking with your undivided attention. Return texts with phone calls, stop in to visit a friend or family member with a few strawberries and lemonade and take time to sit outside and feel the breeze or the sweat or the water or the rain….

Slow down and soak it up….

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

One thought on “Slow down summer….”

  1. I totally agree. Every summer I say I am going to have folks over for a meal to sit outside and enjoy our yard, and end up being “too busy” to do it. So this summer I am now two dinner parties into the summer. It’s great! Love being out and watching the grass grow and the birds twitter, etc.

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