Numbers as my guide….

I have been thinking a lot lately about what do I use to keep me motivated in my day-to-day goals?

I enjoy getting a pedicure and am known to schedule an occasional massage. I love a new gadget every now and then and look forward to a vacation, in time, on a ship or at a resort, but all of those things are a bit much when it comes to the day-to-day….

And so I have found, as much as I would say I am not a numbers kind of person, I find myself quite delightfully motivated by numbers.

I have a fitbit ( which syncs with my computer and records my steps. My goal is at least 10,000 per day.  Tonight it was fun to see that this week I walked 90,368 steps.

I have a new heart rate monitor and I love uploading my info every night to see how it maps out on the graph and what % of my workout was fat burning. I like seeing that I had 16 workouts this past week and spent 25 hours in exercise. I like knowing that my heart rate monitor will guide me in working smarter and that doesn’t always mean training harder…

I am thankful that I have learned to have numbers that motivate me that aren’t only located on the scale. I find that as long as the tools I have outlined above are favorable, the bathroom scale is almost always favorable as well….

I used to say I am a Social Worker and not a numbers girl….maybe that is changing!

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