It is hard to imagine that one year ago on the 12th, we learned of such devastation as a result of the earthquake in Haiti. The news stories for weeks after brought me to tears and I wondered how a person and community dealt with such despair and devastation. My friend Kerline sent us first hand reports from her country, the land of Haiti. I wanted to share some of that with you today. I believe the country of Haiti remains in dire need of so much. Pray with me, on the anniversary of the earthquake, that God would provide in magnificent ways for the many needs of the Haitian people. And yet, it is also my prayer that I may keep my eyes focused on Jesus in the midst of destruction and devastation. It seems we have plenty of that right here in the USA and I for one, can learn from Kerline’s perspective.

Dear friends,

It’s a moment of great sorrow for us. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we can’t stop  crying, at the moment that I email you I can’t stop crying when I hear these people who are still under the collapsed buildings still alive after about four/five days and we are incapable to help them. It’s so hard when you hear people call for help under the building especially children, friends, and you can’t do anything.

My nieces and my nephews by miracle left their schools on time. They saw their friends under the blocks, their schoolmates cried for help, ask for water, one of my nieces tried to find water in vain. Babies, young people, elders we are all traumatized. Thousands of people still sleep in the yard or the public park or on the street where there are many dead people, etc… the situation is out of control for the government. Many people could be saved if only we had adequate equipment and expert to help them. The people that come to help is not enough, and our airport is out of service can’t receive the people who would like to come to help, it really something that we can’t explain.

Nobody wants to stay inside the houses, some of us who had some food and water try to eat once a day, we drink very small amount of water, several families join together and put all their food together. In my backyard, I have 4 families with 32 people who are taking refuge from the devastated neighborhoods. One of this family with about 12 people will not be able to go back home because the house is dangerous. But we are so grateful because we still find some food to eat; we know that so many people do not have any food or water so we feel like we are special. For how many days we will live like that? For how many days we will have food and water, nobody knows?

Still, we will not find the good words to thank God enough because we are not injured. When we hear people who are injured in the hospital since three days crying, suffering, the staffs in the hospitals are insufficient, the doctors and the nurses themselves are also victims, some of them lost their children, spouse, or other family members, so even they try to help the others, and they are suffering in their heart. Many hospitals, banks, businesses, are destroyed, many employees are died, and many business people or entrepreneurs are died. Most of the universities, many many schools (I can’t even count) are falling down with many many students, the situation is catastrophic…

In the same time I mail you, the earth just shake again, we are traumatized.

Many people lost all they spend all their lives to build, but they are alive and they are grateful.

There are some things that I would like to tell you in this specific moment:

We have some positive points that I would like to highlight

  • The sacrifice of Calvary is the biggest things that teach me the meaning of the word “Grace”, but from this experience I can tell that yes Jesus is so compassionate,  my family and I are alive today only by grace.
  • I call on Jesus time to time, but that very day, I can’t tell you I how many times I call on him and I have to tell you, He came right away and deliver us
  • People in Haiti especially those who ignore the existence of our mighty God are now confess there is a God.  Everywhere you go in Haiti right now, people Christian or not pray, they are very grateful to God, they share testimonies of this great miracle.
  • At last, I think that my family and I have to continue to trust God 100% and live by faith. How will be Haiti in one month, one year, five years …? Who will be the next leader? We definitely need a good leader to manage this devastated country?  God knows. All our plans will have to be revised.
  • If God accept to deliver us, there is a purpose for that.

I wept when I heard all those help that come from other countries to help us, especially United States of America. I wept when I read all your emails, friends from us, Africa, Europe, Thank you so much for your prayers. I love you all. I feel so special to have you as a family in Christ.

Your sister in Christ,


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