Bob from Biggest Loser….

has a quote on the wall that I saw tonight while watching Biggest Loser that said “stand up and finish what you started….

It was a good reminder to me tonight to stay focused on my food intake, my exercise and so much more. I started to think through how many things I begin and walk away before I am fully finished. It is the simple things like drying and putting away the dishes after I washed them, putting away the folded laundry or putting my clothes away at the end of the day. I am thankful that tonight these words struck my heart and remind me to stay focused on the task and see everything through to completion. I can start to anticipate only positive change if I live this simple concept out….positive change to my body, my home, my routines, my workplace and my relationships!

I am starting to be excited for next Wednesday night. The Biggest Loser is featuring a special on Where are they now. (  NBC was at Fitness North to film O’Neal and the positive change he is bringing about via Fitness North. It will be great to be taken back to the moments we shared while at Fitness North. Although I am hoping they don’t air my bathing suit interview, what will be will be. I am hoping it will be a clip that will show many that there is a place to go that infuses hope and possibility. With that hope and possibility comes a strategy that only requires you to “stand up and finish what you started….”

And with that I am going to press on to the end and reach my potential!

So thankful for the support of family and friends!

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