Living the unexpected…

It was an unexpected kind of day.

I had planned to sleep well and wake up early today.

The unexpected was I did not sleep hardly at all and was awake almost every 30 minutes.

I had planned to go to breakfast with Cathy and Caili.

The unexpected was I went to the Emergency Room instead thinking I had a bladder infection.

I had planned on them telling me in ER that I had a bladder infection.

The unexpected was they told me I had a kidney stone.

I had planned to feel better with medication within 24 to 48 hours.

The unexpected was they  asked me if I had international medical coverage and that the worst is likely yet to come. (Although many people have survived just fine passing a stone, and I plan to be in those statistics soon as well!)

I had planned to just take malaria pills ~or is that anti malaria pills to Africa

The unexpected is I am taking my own mini pharmacy.

I had planned to feel fully ready to depart by the end of the day today.

The unexpected is I feel a little uneasy.

And so, today I am living the unexpected. And in my mind I keep hearing my Dad’s voice as he is known to say: “the Lord is still on His Throne.” Funny how that foundational truth offers me hope…especially in days where the unexpected seems to find me in almost every circumstance.

What did happen today as planned: I enjoyed hosting 21 people at my home for a wonderful evening of good conversation, wonderful mixing of many ages and a tasty summer dinner of Brats, onions and green peppers, potato salad, pork and beans and ice cream cones to top it off. I am glad that is the one thing today that went as planned.  It is always good to be with family before a big trip!

And so, in the day of travel tomorrow, I hope for more of the expected…but in the event, the unexpected rises to greet me again, may I welcome the changes in my plan and remember the Lord is still on His Throne!

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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