Lions and Tigers and Bears….OH MY!

I have had many people assume my trip to Africa is a mission based trip. I almost feel a twinge of guilt when I respond with, “nope, purely pleasure!” A place I have always dreamed of going, nope, not really….this is how it came about.

I was participating in the Christian Education Auction at Muskegon Christian School where my wonderful brother-in-law is the administrator. He had mentioned this trip was the big-ticket item with a 4500 dollar value. And so when the item came up for bidding, it was silent. I started to bid on the trip, just to get the momentum going. It was between two of us and at $1800, I pulled out and the other bidder won (bought) the trip for $1850. Whoosh, that was a close call was my first thought. And then they announced they had a trip for the back up bidder…It was my lucky day and I to could go to Africa for $1,850 dollars. What, really, were my first thoughts, not out of sheer excitement. I looked over to my traveling Aunt and said, “Aunt Dot, do you want to go to Africa.” She said “sure” and I said, “sold”!

The next day I went to Sunday morning coffee and said, “look what I won (bought)!” My dad takes a look at the brochure and knows Trevor, the man who facilitates the ranch in South Africa. I am often awed by the contacts my Dad has made world-wide through his participation in developing The Church around the world. Well, the conversation began and soon my parents, Aunt Dot and I, and our good friends The Sweetmans were all committed to travel.

The planning began and for a long time it seemed like a trip way in the future. Today, the future is Tuesday. I am eager to experience this and am grateful that my Dad is a world-wide traveler and will lead the way. I look forward to disconnecting from the technology that surrounds me at home, (although I do hope to stay in touch a bit via the Ipad) and experience nature in a way I never really have. I will be going out twice a day in a green jeep and hard hat to mingle with the elephants, lions, tigers and bears…oh my! I hope to read, converse, nap, laugh, refresh, renew and return home in a few weeks.

I am grateful for many who make this possible and marvel that after 8 years in business, my staff (and friends) can hold every detail of the day-to-day without a worry in my mind. I am thankful for family and friends who will stay at my house, watch my dog and take in my mail. I am privileged to travel and I am eager to go and I am eager to come home….

And so, now you know a bit of how my trip to South Africa came about. I ask for your prayers for safety of travel and good health. If you have any tips to share on enjoying a 17 hour plane trip, jet lag, food to try or adventures to experience, let me know…before Monday night!

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One thought on “Lions and Tigers and Bears….OH MY!”

  1. That’s awesome Trish! I pray for safety, health, and the experience of a lifetime! I am sure you’ll come back enriched and even more grateful.
    As a traveler I can only say the return jetlag is harder than the forward jetlag. I pray the plane is rather empty both ways so you and your family can comfortably grab 2 seats each for comfort! 😉

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