miraculous in more than one way…

I will say that through my wellness journey, I have thought often how there are miraculous moments….most of them being when I stand on the scale!

But lately I have been thinking about how the transformation process of a body from obese to healthy is miraculous in more than one way.

Tonight, I keep thinking about my measurement results of a few weeks ago…

It is true that I have been working hard in weight training and nutrition and my commitment paid off with decreased numbers….

But what is amazing is how proportionality the numbers decrease.  Not only on both the right and left side but also from the neck, arms, wrists, chest, waist, thighs, calves, and ankles!

And so, today as I biked and lifted and walked on the treadmill, I smiled and was in awe that my knees are knobbier and in God’s amazing design, my body remains proportionate, even as it changes.

I didn’t know you weighed 550 pounds…

is what I heard from the scale area at the gym locker room today. I glanced over to two young girls, maybe eight years old, one standing on the scale and the other announcing her friends weight. And then the other stood on the scale. “Oh” she declared, “I am only 540 pounds.” And in that moment I realized the value of knowing about decimal points.

I wonder what age the scale numbers begin to take up more space in our thoughts and shape the beliefs we hold about ourselves or others. It was really fun to hear the kids talk about the numbers they saw on the scale, without any sense that the number defined them.

I have been working on growing my own understanding of wellness, not just weight. I find it requires me to focus on kindness towards myself, not just critique and requires me to live proactively with a plan and not reactively with regret. It takes energy, a lot of energy, but I am confident, at the core of my being, it is definitely a part of the journey to my heart!