Whose cheering you on….

I received a video today of my nephew’s track meet.

I am not sure what I love more…

Seeing Jean-Marc out ahead and taking first place


Hearing his older brother Noah cheer him on!

There is something so inspiring about hearing Noah’s cheering. Noah is uninhibited in his cheering on of his brother. He is undoubtedly all about encouraging Jean-Marc to do his best and be his best!

I wonder who cheers you on, or maybe even more importantly, who do you cheer on? Is there someone who would say, yes, that person is the voice I know that will cheer me on to do my best and be my best!

I hope you are that voice for someone. Be like Noah and be someone uninhibited in your cheering on of others. It may not be with the same volume, and it will have your own touch, but you will bring encouragement, joy, and inspiration to others!

Blessed be His name!

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