The crown of thorns

I remember seeing the crown of thorns for sale in the book store. It felt *sputton to buy it. But I kept circling back. I was fascinated by something so tangible about Good Friday.

I bought the crown of thorns that day, and it has remained meaningful to me, not just on Good Friday. I will walk by it and handle it, feel the sharpness, the odd sense of meaning this ruthless piece holds.

But then I found my heart and cross piece and found how beautifully the crown of thorns framed the cross and the heart. This image below is my favorite picture to hold in my heart on this (or any) Easter weekend. It is the power of the crown of thorns, the cross, and the love that embodies those that leave me with no option other than deep sorrow, repentance, and profound gratitude for this glorious scandalous night of Christ’s crucifixaition.












Blessed be His name,



Sacrilegious; not displaying the socially expected reverence for implicitly sacred ideals.
Dutch or Dutch-American slang,

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