Sunday Dinner

I offered to make Sunday dinner tomorrow.

Sunday dinner (eaten at around 1 pm) has been a significant tradition in my family. The Dutch Canadian influences in our home are often felt in our Sunday routines. Our Sundays always included more than “just us,” and people’s variety and diversity remain among my favorite growing up memories. Growing up and well into my adulthood, a typical Sunday would look like this:
9:30 am: Church
11:00 am Morning coffee with some kind of bakery item as we gather                 together with all ages and conversations begin.
Noon: Wine or Whiskey as conversations continue in the living room
12:45 pm Cut the meat, pour the water, top of the wine glasses, gather the      extra chairs needed around the table and call everyone to the table,
1:00 pm Sit down to dinner and enjoy more fellowship and sharing meat,       vegetables, and potatoes.
2:00 pm We end the meal with reading the Bible and prayer and group              clean up

By 3 pm it was a perfect time for a Sunday afternoon nap!

This has been on my mind today as I offered to host Sunday dinner tomorrow. It is different, and yet elements of those very goods times remain.

I bought some smoked salmon and spinach dip to go with our pre-dinner wine and connecting time. I will make my first pot roast, which includes the veggie, serve the always loved mashed potatoes, and throw together a salad.

We gather a bit later than years back. Dinner is for smaller numbers but still served about the same time. Dinner often involves an additional person or two (pre-covid), and I am so grateful for those Sunday times with people we love and enjoy.

We switched to singing Step by Step as a group when all the grandkids were younger in place of Bible reading sometimes. One thing that has not changed is that there is still time for a snooze after all is cleaned up and put away. All that lingers is the smells of a good Sunday dinner and reflection on a variety of excellent conversation.

It has been sweet to reflect on Sunday dinners today. In some ways, I am flooded with all of the Sunday goodness that unfolded over the years. In some ways, my heart aches as we miss my Dad so much on Sundays. I am aware of my deep gratitude for all my Mom’s work on Saturdays and Sundays in planning and preparing. And I can not miss my appreciation of Aunt Dot, who has washed more Sunday dishes than any other dutch woman out there!

I am grateful for something every day, but tonight, I am incredibly thankful for the goodness of Sunday dinners!

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