Make yourself at home….

whati lovemostI do not consider myself an entertainer nor do I consider myself a fancy cook….

But I have learned that my heart feels happy and my soul feels satisfied when I open my home up.

It doesn’t matter much to me if the bodies that fill my home are nieces and nephews, siblings, parents, friends or even strangers, I love to share my space.

After my remodel I had to consider what it would look like to open up my space and be hospitable.

I grocery shop a bit differently. I have beverage options that appeal to a wide range of ages and preferences.

I am not a coffee drinker but I ensure I keep good coffee options in my house.

I am not a wine drinker, but my cupboard offers many varieties…

I used to be a diet coke drinker but I have learned that Isaiah prefers Pepsi, Sonta likes red pop, Anne likes Orange Juice and Liv likes bagels with strawberry cream cheese. I have crackers and cheese, a meat stick, popcorn, Oreos’s cashews and peanuts, ice cream and sweet treats ready to serve…..

I have found that good deck chairs lend to lengthy visits in the summer and am working on designing some fun pub tables for construction this coming Spring.

rubberduckiesAnd I have learned that a good smelling candle can make space feel so inviting and a variety of bubble bath and bath salts are a great option for overnight guests. I must also admit that I have seen more smiles since these guys joined my bathroom decor.

And this winter I have thought of a new and fun idea. I love my mud room with the big hooks that invites my guests to leave their coats and boots before entering into the kitchen. And so, this now greets my guests.. It just seems that on a winter day it is nice to have a pair of slippers to choose. I have a variety of sizes and slippers for men and women, boys and girls. IMG_0437

And so, in the quiet of this night, as I consider my week and the fun that was experienced in my home this week, I am grateful for they many who share my space. I want you to know how much I enjoy your presence in my home. I want you to know how the little things have been considered with you in mind.

I wonder what are the special touches in your home that make your home a comfortable space to share with others? Be creative and have fun creating space to share.





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  1. Definitely my kitchen. Many people have visited me often and have never even seen the living room. This morning I have the feeling that I visited with you in your renovated house, just for a little while. Now I’d better get to prayer group…

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