A day without a plan…

I am traveling with my Mom and my Aunt and we came to Denver to surprise my cousin at her CD release party tonight. So, we woke up in Denver this morning, flying under the radar, and without much of a plan. After meeting our family friends for breakfast, we headed for a drive. We found beautiful scenery and had a fun time navigating our drive to no where.

I did comment more than once on the beauty that surrounds the land of Denver. 

And on our way back we stopped at 1300 Ogden, the home where my Aunt Sim and Uncle Ben used to live. Aunt Sim died at a young age 15 years ago and Uncle Ben about five years ago. Tomorrow night I hope to blog about that, so I will share my stories for later, but it was a true gift and adventure to stop there today.

After a few hours of fun swimming, playing scrabble and enjoying a deli dinner in our hotel room, we headed out for the 9pm CD release party of the Duke Street Kings. 

It was a night of great enjoyment which started with the true  surprise of our presence, pure joy in listening to Tica sing, laughter and fun in being at the bar with my Mom and Aunt until midnight and being present for an event that would have made my Uncle Ben and Aunt Sim so proud.

And now, as it is pushing 2 am in Denver, I can say, this day that started with out a plan has ended as one that will be unforgettable. I am amazed how sometimes it is best to let the day unfold. Living free and spontaneous today created a day of true wonder and delight. Tomorrow will begin with breakfast and end with a plane ride home….what happens in between, remains unplanned for now!

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