A tribute to my in-laws….

This post is dedicated to my sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws. I have written about my siblings and nieces and nephews over the last year in my blog. I am a bit struck by the fact that I haven’t written about  my sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws.

I enjoy my family….both those I grew up with and those I will grow old with. My sibling group started with five of us and now has grown to 9 of us. Dan, Andy, Marcia and Jonna have all been around long enough that it seems like they have always been there. In being single, I have never had to journey the path of merging with another family. But it is something that I often give thought to following our family gatherings.

Often after family times, such as Christmas, I reflect on the myriad of outcomes that could occur when families are grown through marriages. I would say that although we have had some bumps in the road, I am very very fortunate to have acquired sister in-laws and brother in-laws who appreciate the traditions that were carried out when we were children and continue today. It also has been fun to learn of the ways they have done things in their families of origin and now to see how my nieces and nephews grow up in a home where those traditions are mixed into new traditions for them.

I am very fortunate to have a family that enjoys being together and knows how to laugh together. At times we have cried together but I believe what I am most thankful for, is an adult (and kid) group who enjoys being together. We share a happy hour or two, doing some puzzling, playing some games, sharing conversation or a good meal and rarely is their silence. Almost every time, we can walk away saying a good time was had by all!

And so, to Marcia, Jonna, Dan and Andy…..I am thankful for you. I am thankful for what you bring to my siblings and what you bring to our family. I am thankful for your roles as husbands and wives and fathers and mothers. I am thankful for the children you have brought into this world and so wonderfully allow me to be an Aunt for. I am thankful for the friendship I have with each one of you and for the unending support you each have offered me on my journey in life.

I would guess their could be many books written by those who join any family through marriage. I would guess everyone experiences some awkward and difficult moments. I hope though that the relationships and friendships that grow are marked by much love, understanding, acceptance and grace. I am thankful for the spice and life that has been added to my family. May 2012 be filled with many more wonderful memories of the entire Kupborgdeb​os (Kuperus, Borgdorff, DeKam, Bos) Clan!

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