Less cheers and more tears….but still hopeful….

Can it really only have been two days so far?

We came to the pool at six am for a water work out (which I always thought was for old ladies, but think very differently now) and then made our breakfasts, completed a two-hour circuit, went hiking, enjoyed lunch, rested for an hour, completed a one hour intense circuit, hiked in the wind, rain and sleet and then finished with a pool workout. I don’t think I have ever changed my clothes so many times in a day!

We definitely shared less cheers and more tears. I really want you to hear the word SHARED in that sentence. Yesterday we were on a high and had a great start. Today was different but still good, in a different way.

Today we worked hard and dealt with the soreness of our workouts. It was windy and rainy and wet and there was an odd sense that this was only day two and yet excited for the remaining twelve. We talked yesterday about digging deep within ourselves to push through so much…and yet today it felt like it was harder to find the reserves within ourselves. Yesterday we were able to encourage one another on…today, many of us shared how we went to our computers and found the encouragement in kind words from home. Thank you so much to each of you for your support and encouragement. Your kind words were read often and many of us shared the tears that flowed as we read the words from those who believe in us. You kept us going and we are thankful.

As I did my devotions this morning and read my She… book, there was a great She saying. She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans. Celebrate her goals. I do have goals. I have seen that Mike and Justin, Heather, Shannon, Wendy, Sherri, Karen, Robin and Cara have goals as well. We can have a day with less cheers and more tears and still be hopeful. That is a beautiful thing and is what gets us through today and into tomorrow.

And so, at the end of this day, with my heart rate monitor telling me I have burned 4200 calories, with great thankfulness that I have not had a diet coke since Sunday and am not struggling with headaches, for my good health and so much support from home, I am going to sleep…and sleep deep…and hope that the rain and wind will diminish, but if not, we will endure again tomorrow and celebrate our movement towards our goals!

Goodnight my friends….good night!

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

12 thoughts on “Less cheers and more tears….but still hopeful….”

  1. Trish I am following you through your journey. I am so proud of you. You are doing what many of think we are going to do but never quite get there. Maybe tomorrow you could hike an extra hour for me. ; ) Love you. Take care.

  2. Trish,

    I look forward to getting your updates! I admire your determination and perseverance. I will continue praying for you and the rest of the group. It’s becoming clear that this is a real team effort, even though you’re each working on individual goals. Glad you’re going to bed with a hopeful heart.

  3. May you “lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight”. Prov 3:5-6 90% of your workout, of your success, of your victory was just in getting yourself there! The rest is all a bonus, and its going to be soooooo good. Love you Trish, “this is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad”!

  4. I look forward to reading your blog. Some things you write remind me of my own journey. How I dig deep and find God. How I need and recieve encouragement from others. It’s not that ‘You can do it!’ Because in fact ‘you are doing it!’ It’s the journey not just the destination or goal!

  5. Thanks for the updates and sharing your journey Trish. Praying for you, for strength and endurance and a continued positive attitude! 🙂

  6. Trish, I’ve read every word and am cheering you on. Bless you! Leaving for Alaska tomorrow–will keep you in my prayers. Enjoy those water work outs, tee hee.

  7. Trish…Know this you are loved…treasured in fact and those tears are being counted. It will get easier…as your body gets used to the intensity and jsut when you get used to it, you will be home and carrying on, on your own!

    Love you!!!

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