Ask yourself “how long am I going to work to make my dreams come true?” I suggest you answer, “as long as it takes.” (taken from The Human Spirit)

It is this quote I am taking into this next week. I will not have reached my goal weight before I go home, but I will be closer than when I stepped off the plane one week ago. All I know from today’s weigh in is that Leif (our trainer) said he is very pleased with my numbers. That is all I need to know to press on ahead. A great aspect of Fitness North is their follow-up program and I am excited to get home knowing that some foods are not an option but also knowing what foods ARE good options. The staff here at Fitness North will send me home with a meal plan, a goal weight and an exercise plan. I will report my weights in regularly and they will help me adjust my plan when (not if) my body plateau’s. I am grateful for their investment in this aspect of my life. It feels like they understand what it means to make a lifestyle change as opposed to being on a diet. Leif has said often that life is to be lived and enjoyed but some of that freedom of enjoyment comes after you reach your goal weight.  I can live in that reality and feel hopeful!

And so I am in the process of setting realistic goals this week for when I return home next week Sunday. I am focusing on goals that are attainable and am practicing saying “it just isn’t an option…at this time!” I am making a shopping list and asking my Mom to pick up a few things so I have the right things in my home. (Watch for that email Mom!)

Last night O’Neal reminded us that “A vision without a plan is an illusion”. I have carried an illusion around long enough. It is time to transform that illusion to a vision and all that is missing is a plan! Gotta love that!

And so, I will do what it takes, for as long as it takes…to live happy, healthy and well!

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

4 thoughts on “Heart….”

  1. Good for you, Trish! You sound great and I am praising the good Lord for that. Sleep well and be in touch. We did miss you at our Halloween party. I’ll send along some pictures of Tom & Jerry and the chicken.

  2. Way to go Trish! All the “philosophy” is “right up your alley.” it gives you some meat to chew on, pardon the pun. Keep up your spirits and all the good work. How wonderful for you to have this great opportunity and the support system while you are being given all the tools for success.

  3. Trish, thank you for sharing from your heart. I have enjoyed reading your blog.
    Your half way! In time you will be able look back in a healthy body, mind and soul and know you did it! I will be praying for you now and in the weeks ahead.

  4. Maybe I should hide your pop?? 🙂 Sounds like you are keeping up your courage. Thanks for filling us in!

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