The power of massage

I am all for the growth process.
I am aware that in that growth process, we often feel stretched and challenged.
Today I was reminded of the importance of physical stretching. I am way more disciplined in my emotional practices for challenge and growth than my physical. Now that I am two weeks post-COVID vaccine, I scheduled myself a massage.
It was clear upon starting that the dear soul I had met on my walk to the room had hands that could reach the very fine fibers of my ligaments, tendons, and muscles.
Image result for deep tissue massageIt was an uncomfortable 50 minutes, the kind of discomfort you know will serve you well, but painful nonetheless.

I believe this powerful young woman brought every muscle and fiber out of COVID hiding and called my body into action once again.
Today’s massage was a perfect one. The masseuse was magnificent. The depth of her deep tissue reach was therapeutic. The invitation from my body to become active again felt plausible, and I had a genuine sense that God’s creation of our bodies never ceases to amaze me!

I wonder if you ever use massage to awake your soul?

Take it from me; it is dollars well spent for an awakening that I badly needed!




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